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Eligibility- Rajasthan Agro-processing, Agri-business & Agri-export Promotion Policy 2019

Government of Rajasthan has issued Rajasthan Agro-processing, Agri-business & Agri-export Promotion Policy, 2019 (Agro Policy of Rajasthan) in order to make Rajasthan as a production and supply hub of processed agricultural products and a destination of choice for investors, processors and exporters.

Eligibility criteria for availing benefit of this policy i.e. eligible persons, eligible activities and ineligible activities are explained here under.

Eligible Persons/ Organizations:

Following list of persons/ organizations are eligible to avail benefit of the scheme.

  1. Individuals
  2. Group of Farmers/ Growers
  3. FPOs/ FPCs registered under respective companies Act/ cooperative societies Act/ societies registration Act (with minimum 50 number of farmer members)
  4. Partnership/ Proprietary firms
  5. LLP
  6. Companies
  7. Corporations
  8. Self Help Groups
  9. Cooperatives
  10. Cooperative Marketing Federations engaged in Agro & Food processing

Eligible Sector:

The policy will cover the following sectors:

  • Fruits & vegetables processing
  • Spices processing
  • Cereal/ other consumer food products
  • Oilseeds products
  • Rice & flour milling
  • Pulse processing
  • Herbal, medicinal, flower and aromatic products
  • Minor forest produce processing
  • Honey processing
  • Milk processing
  • Meat (other than beef), Poultry, Fishery processing
  • Cattle feed, poultry feed, fish meal products
  • Non edible agriculture produce processing
  • Other such agricultural and horticulture products processing activities for preparing food flavors and colors, oleoresins and mushrooms products
  • Agri waste processing units
  • Infrastructure projects: Collection/ Aggregation Center, Warehouses, Cold storage, Food Irradiation processing plants, Cold Chain, Pack houses, agro processing clusters or parks declared by State Government, Reefer Vans etc.

Ineligible Sector:

Following sectors will not be eligible under the policy:

  • Investment for manufacturing Tobacco products, Pan Masala containing tobacco, Gutka other intoxicated products
  • Investment in stand alone bottling or packaging plants including bottling/ packaging plants for potable liquor, beef or aerated drinks
  • Beef Meat processing units
  • Manufacturing of soft drinks, production of mineral waters and other bottled/ pouched waters.
  • Manufacturing of sizing of wood, manufacture of furniture and products made from wood and cork
  • Production of firewood and charcoal
  • Processing units discharging toxic effluent without having effluent treatment plant.

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